Expert Mission in MENA: Irbid Municipality with MobiData BW

Low carbon mobility scenarios in collaboration with Med Cities

On the 6th of October, a virtual expert-mission was conducted to introduce practitioners from Irbid Municipality in Jordan to the smart mobility solutions provided by MOBIDATA BW – MOBILITY DATA AND SERVICES FOR BADEN-WUERTTEMBERG.  

Irbid municipality is the second largest city in Jordan that hosts more than 200,000 Syrian refugees and is home for two major public universities. In its role to contribute to the NDCs in Jordan, Irbid municipality is aiming to reduce GHG emissions by 40% before 2030. To achieve this target, Irbid municipality has embarked on several initiatives including establishing a Traffic Awareness and Transportation Team, designing geodatabases for transportation and mobility with GIS, mapping mobility and transportation city challenges and solution, improving urban public transportation, as well as designing and planning low carbon mobility scenarios in collaboration with Med Cities.

To this end, the mobility solutions provided by MobiData BW aligns with the target of low carbon mobility in Irbid municpality. Julia Käfer, representative of MobiData BW, stated that reducing the number of cars and vehicles on the streets requires improving access to public transport. She added that mobility hubs that utilize technology facilitates the transition from private to public transportation modes via intelligent parking systems for cars. MobiData BW provides an open-source code for the use of students and developers.

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