Crisis management in Palestinian municipalities

Insights into the kick-off workshop on 12 and 14 October 2021

As part of the activities of the working group “Emergency response and crisis management for Palestinian municipalities”, the kick-off workshop was held on the 12th- 14th October 2021.  The municipal representatives who are members of this working group were introduced to the Connective Cities project and its network, the project methodology and approach and agreed on the working group’s action plan.

Nasser Sheikh Ali (a local consultant on crisis management) started the kickoff workshop with a brief introduction in which he explained the definition of crises. He indicated that any unexpected global event is a crisis in that sense that it causes instability and activates an emergency situation. As such, the Covid-19 pandemic is an example of a crisis.

As part of the workshop, the working group members conceptualized the challenges based on the indicators with the support of the national experts. Municipal plan on crisis management will be achieved on 6 stages: the theoretical framework for crises, segmental diagnosis, municipal role in all stages of the crises, real-time requirements, a successful Palestinian model in crisis management, and how to determine the project ideas. International municipalities will be involved in the future activities. Two follow-up workshops are planned on the 23rd and 24th October 2021.


Workshop’s recording and presentation

Press coverage and media report (in Arabic)


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