Biodiversity and Environmental Protection

Insights into the virtual event in MENA with good practices from Hannover and Menjez on 8 September 2021

Photo: Rieger-Hofmann GmbH | Butterfly and wild bee edge planting in the second year

The virtual event of Biodiversity and Environmental Protection - Good practices from Hanover and Menjez was held on the 8th September 2021, as part of the activities of the ‘Biodiversity and environmental protection’ working group. It demonstrated good practice example on municipal leadership and commitment to improve biodiversity protection and successful local actions in the field of biodiversity management.  The event aimed at benefiting the municipal and urban practitioners by raising awareness of the importance of biodiversity in an urban context and the value of ecosystem services. The event shed light on the impact of municipal activities on biodiversity and the relevance of integrating biodiversity management in local planning and provided an overview of the different areas where local governments can actively engage in biodiversity protection based on successful local governments actions.

As part of the event, the good practice example on ‘Species-rich meadows in the city and surrounding countryside’ was presented by Beate Butsch from the department of Environment and Urban Green Space in Hannover, Germany. The other good practice example ‘Menjez- A model municipality in northern Lebanon rural area in Menjez’ was presented by Dr. Georges Youssef, the president of Menjez municipality.  Additionally, an expert insight on the topic of ‘Integration of biodiversity into local government responsibilities via digital environmental governance tools’ was presented by Rami Kanaan, a GIS specialist and digitalisation consultant.

In conclusion, city-to-city partnerships and alliances to address biodiversity management issues were highly recommended by several participants who represented municipalities and environmental NGOs from Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Morocco and Germany. More activities will follow-up the working group on biodiversity protection.

The recording of the event

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