Together for sustainable urban development in Sub-Saharan Africa!

Sub-Saharan Africa regional network launch event on July 14th, 2021

On the 14th of July 2021, the International City Platform Connective Cities launched its Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) Network. The virtual event attracted not only participants from different sectors in the region but also Germany and international institutions. The different sectors that were represented at the event were local government, national government, research institutions, local government associations, regional networks, citizens, development agencies and civil society organizations.

To set the climate for the establishment of the network, a panel discussion highlighted the challenges and solutions to urbanization in SSA. The panelists were from Covenant of Mayors SSA (CoM SSA), Makerere University, East Africa Local Government Association, Nakuru County-Kenya and the Ministry of Urban Planning & Housing, D.R.Congo. Some highlights of this session were the consensus on the challenges faced by many cities in the region: scarce resources to make urban development more sustainable and inadequate governance structures that have led to misallocation of resources and uneven development, and the isolation of communities in the implementation of the urban agenda due to their lack of awareness of the SDGs.

Unanimously, it was agreed that urban practitioners need to work together to address these issues since many cities from different countries experience the same challenges. This created a fertile ground for the SSA network to provide a platform on which these discussions, learning and sharing can happen.

Connective Cities introduced the network and its framework while the participants provided input into some elements of the charter that would facilitate integrated urban development. Participants were enthusiastic to participate in the upcoming network activities and they have since registered on the platform waiting to get involved and start acting.

Look out for the report of this event to be published soon.

For more information on the SSA Network and the working groups, register on the plattform.

Video: Connective Cities' network in Sub-Saharan Africa - our achievements in the 3rd phase

Sophia Kamau, Connective Cities

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