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NEWSLETTER - EDITION No. 37, April 2021

Dear Readers,

Municipal responses to COVID-19 will remain an important topic for us this year. We have already held two virtual expert exchanges on e-governance and vaccination strategies at the local level. A new series of thematic events is already being planned. We will publish more details on this shortly.

In addition, we will continue to further research, prepare and publish good practices presented in these expert dialogues. In this issue you will find four new ones focusing on crisis management, strengthening social responsibility and support measures for local businesses.

Three new themes will be soon launched as part of our regional learning processes. In view of the rapid urbanisation in sub-Saharan Africa, the next dialogue event there will focus on "Sustainable, informed and participatory land use planning". “Sustainable urban energy planning" will be the focus of the expert exchange in Southeast Europe this year, while innovative municipal projects to promote energy efficiency will be the theme of the expert exchange in the MENA region. Furthermore, our Regional Networks continue to gain momentum. In the MENA region for example the Lebanese city of Hazmieh plays a dynamic role in supporting others in the digitalisation of administrative processes. The South Eastern Europe Network will be formally launched at the end of this month.

We hope that we could pique your interest in one or the other of these events and we look forward to welcoming you and your expertise to these exchange opportunities.

Your Connective Cities Team

Municipal Response to COVID-19 in the Area of Governance
Review of the virtual expert exchange on March 12th, 2021

Based on two practical examples from Tartu, Estonia, and La Paz, Bolivia, the approximately 50 participants from 16 countries discussed the role of e-governance and the effectiveness of ICT solutions at the municipal level during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid-19: The local implementation of vaccination strategies and related communication in municipalities
Review of the virtual expert exchange on March 22nd and 25th, 2021

How can vulnerable groups such as older people and refugees be well reached with important information on vaccination? How can transparent, fast and trustworthy communication be designed as a central component of a successful vaccination strategy? These and other questions were discussed by representatives of municipalities and municipal associations from Germany, Israel, Colombia, Serbia and Togo.

Cooperation in the MENA network picks up speed
City of Hazmieh is backing up municipal peers in urban development. Energy efficiency practices are gaining ground in the network.

The Lebanese city of Hazmieh will support Abasan in Palastine in all joint actions, especially with regard to youth participation in the decision-making process and the integration of GIS in municipal management processes. Good practices for improving energy efficiency are at the center of the exchange of experiences in the MENA network.

Amman - strengthening social responsibility
Multi-facetted social support by the Greater Amman Municipality to its residents

With the special focus on ‘community health and wellbeing’, the social development division fulfilled its role during the pandemic by implementing a myriad of measures under the umbrella of social services to the local community.

Psychosocial support is more important than ever during the pandemic
Offer and use new individual leeways!

Corona lockdown can heighten the psychosocial problems many people are facing, for example in their family or partnership. Munich reacted flexibly and, for example, spontaneously moved the counselling of clients with children to playgrounds.

Crisis teams: A successful crisis management tool
A crisis team on standby around the clock is indispensable

Better preparedness enables municipalities to cope better with crises like the corona pandemic. But what makes for good emergency preparedness? A Good Practice from Berlin, Germany.

Customised pandemic stimulus packages for local businesses
From brief consultancy sessions to workshops to individual support for change processes

Fast, competent and geared to business needs: Eager to assist local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, the business development agency (WFG) for the German district of Unna has devised a wide range of services.

The utility platform for strengthening partnerships of municipal utilities worldwide goes online!
The pilot project with its four partnerships in the water sector presents itself in detail.

The BMZ has initiated the pilot project "Utility Platform for Strengthening Partnerships of Municipal Utilities Worldwide". During the pilot phase until 2023, the focus is on municipal water companies. The Utility Platform now has its own section on the Connective Cities website. There you can find out everything about the pilot project and the latest news from the four partnerships.

South Eastern Europe Network: Formal Launch and Network Charter
The formal launch of the Network South East Europe is planned for 26th April, 2021.

The event will serve as a platform for the presentation of the roadmap and timeline for the establishment of a comprehensive Connective Cities Network in SEE. During the event, the network charter will also be discussed among municipal representatives. The workshop will be attended by a large group of urban practitioners from administration, politics, business, academia and civil society in the region. Ms Stella Haun will give the keynote speech on "Mainstreaming climate resilience throughout urban development to reduce the ecological footprint of development".

Sustainable Urban Energy Planning in South East Europe
Call for participants for the virtual Connective Cities Dialogue Event from 17th until 22nd of May, 2021

We cordially invite urban practitioners from South East Europe to take part in the virtual Dialogue Event on "Sustainable Urban Energy Planning in South East Europe (SEE)" as part of the Connective Cities second learning process for this region.

Sustainable, informed and participatory land management and land use planning in rapidly growing cities
Call for participants for the Virtual Connective Cities Dialogue Event for Sub-Saharan Africa from 11th to 14th of May, 2021

The overall aim is to get to know good practice examples from municipalities with different local conditions. The focus will be on pragmatic approaches that can be applied or adapted to different local contexts. The deadline for application is 15th April 2021.

Promoting Energy Efficiency through innovative city-led projects
Call for Participation for the Virtual Connective Cities Dialogue Event for the MENA Region from 18th to 20th May, 2021

Energy management, the domestic production of renewable energy and the involvement of different stakeholders in energy efficiency programmes are the main topics. The deadline for registration is 15th April 2021.

15th German Federal Conference on Local Development Cooperation
Together. Fair. Global. Sustainable. Agenda 2030 - Municipalities are shaping the future

As pioneers of change, municipalities are crucial for the implementation of the Agenda 2030. The Service Agency Communities in One World (Engagement Global) and the City of Bonn are organizing the 15th Federal Conference on Local Development Cooperation. The conference will be live-streamed from Bonn.

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