Amman - strengthening social responsibility

Multi-facetted social support by the Greater Amman Municipality to its residents


With a prudent vision, the Greater Amman Municipality implemented several hard and soft measures to curb the impact of the pandemic on the local community using a three-pillars response approach: health, community, and environment. With the special focus on ‘community health and wellbeing’, the social development division fulfilled its role during the pandemic by implementing a myriad of measures under the umbrella of social services to the local community.


The city of Amman is the political and economic capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the political and administrative center of the Jordanian government and home to 40% of the country's population. It is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.

The Amman Municipality strives to preserve the city's cultural and physical identity and develop its communities through optimal resource planning and investment, while building partnerships with relevant parties.

Amman, like all other cities in the world, faces a threat from the Corona virus, which threatens the lives of millions of people. Accordingly, the Greater Amman Municipality has provided all measures and operational support to the National Crisis Management Center to limit the spread of the virus and properly contain the pandemic at the city level, as well as ensure the continuity of life for its citizens during the mandatory quarantine.


The social development division in the Greater Amman municipality has set the following goals in its mission statement:

  1. eradicating poverty
  2. community health and wellbeing
  3. creating partnerships to achieve development.


The activities include:

Community awareness-raising activities including

  1. the dissemination of flyers created by the  health directorate of the municipality regarding the preventive measures to combat the spread of Covid-19,
  2. "Khallik bil bayt "campaign to broadcast recorded video messages in which children speak to the community to encourage people to stay at home,
  3. remote psycho-social support and virtual educational workshops targeting the wide spectrum of community groups including women, refugees and children,
  4. combating the culture of shaming of COVID-19 patients and domestic violence during the lockdown,
  5. and marketing support for home-based businesses affected by the crisis, with special focus on female-owned home-based businesses.

Financial support for vulnerable households (from both the Jordanian and Syrian refugee communities) and daily wagers by the provision of cash assistance. In addition, community-based committees have organised campaigns to distribute food and clothing parcels to support vulnerable households.


Community participation was the cornerstone in planning and conducting the events and workshops. This ensured that the activities were inclusive and address the needs of the different groups of the local community. A highlight was the engagement of the elderly which was unexpectedly very high given the digital mode of the conducted community events.

The sense of social responsibility has been enhanced among the citizens. That became particularly evident after the full lockdown in 2020, during which community members conveyed an appreciation of public property such as public parks and recreational spaces.


Regardless of the challenges that hindered the outreach to the local community, including the lack of financial support and the difficulties to shift to a digital work mode, the social development division at the Greater Amman Municipality has succeeded in overcoming the obstacles and thus provided its services to the local community.

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Published: 07/04/2021


Ms. Ghaidaa Al-hadeed

Social development division at Greater Amman Muncipality



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