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NEWSLETTER - EDITION No. 35, February 2021

Dear readers,

In the second half of 2020, approximately 800 people from 344 municipalities participated in our virtual expert exchange on "Municipal Responses to COVID-19". In this newsletter you will find some selected reviews from this intensive series of events.

But our work on other municipal topics also continued - albeit in virtual format - from sustainable mobility, revitalisation of urban rivers to improved asset management in water supply and sanitation.

Promoting women's employment, improving environmental conditions through composting facilities and more transparency in the implementation of municipal projects through digitalisation are good practices that we have prepared for you together with our partner municipalities in the Middle East.

In a new series of 2 films, 10 interviews, and 5 podcasts, we show you the people behind some of the projects that helped to tackle the COVID-19 crisis in several municipalities around the globe in 2020.

Build Back Better! In 2021, we will provide you with many opportunities to plan collaborative projects focused on a sustainable post-pandemic future, as well as to continue to share innovative municipal responses.

Stay tuned and stay healthy!

Your Connective Cities Team

Virtual expert exchange on sustainable urban mobility
The Bosnian municipality of Bijeljina exchanged with German experts from Leipzig and Stuttgart how to develop car-free zone and bike paths.

The motto of the municipality of Bijeljina, a city of ca. 100.000 inhabitants in the north-east of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is “the City of Future”. It is with this approach that the city has been focusing since 2017 in promoting local sustainability. Public spaces have already been made more inclusive and sustainable. A follow-up exchange is planned for spring 2021.

Virtual expert exchange on the revitalisation of the river Diohtianets
Several local stakeholders of the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia came together for a virtual exchange with German experts over three sessions discussing how to revitalise an urban river.

The Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia benefits from the experience of the renaturation of the Ruhr area, which was shaped by heavy industry. Important aspects such as biodiversity, stream development as well as the development of rivers as recreational areas and citizen participation in these projects were presented and discussed.

Asset Management to Optimize Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
Connective Cities Dialogue Event in cooperation with the municipal water and wastewater utility, Hamburg Wasser, Germany, from 30.11. to 02.12.2020

What does asset management mean in practice in the face of rapidly growing cities and scarce resources? About 25 municipal practitioners from ten cities in Germany, the Palestinian Territories, Tanzania and Uganda discussed this issue.

Final Report: Virtual Global Exchange
"Municipal Response to COVID-19" from 23rd November to 3rd December 2020

The goal of the two-week intensive exchange of experiences was to spark creativity, innovation, solidarity and motivation while expanding our Global Community of Practice to work together to address the global COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences with smart local solutions and strategies.

COVID-19: Economic Impact
Review of the virtual exchanges for Sub Saharan Africa on 10th and 12th November 2020

In economies largely dependent on the informal labor market, many people have lost their livelihoods. Governments have been torn between protecting lives and making a living. What can economic recovery look like? What are the options for the tourism sector? More on the exchange:

COVID-19: Economic impact and recovery.

Impacts and options for the tourism sector

Provision of basic services: water supply and solid waste management
Review of the virtual exchanges for Sub Saharan Africa on 27th and 29th of October 2020

Effective waste disposal as well as water supply is crucial for ensuring a hygienic environment for any population. Due to rapid urbanization in sub-Saharan Africa, this was a major challenge even before Corona. An exchange of experiences in times of pandemic. More on:

Water supply

Solid waste management and circular economy


Infection chains - preventing infections through distance, communication and support for the informal sector
Review of the virtual exchange for Latin America on 14.10. and 05.11.2020

Six good practices from Essen and Stuttgart (Germany), Aracaju, Niterói, Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and Naucalpan (Mexico) were presented during the two events. Around 100 municipal practitioners from more than 20 Latin American and European cities shared experiences around the topics of infection chains and prevention measures, as well as on the topic of crisis communication.

Women’s Training and Development Center in Hay Al-Andalus municipality in Libya
A gender-sensitive approach to promoting female employment

The high engagement and full cooperation of the municipality and all relevant stakeholders was key in the success of this good practice example: creating a supporting environment to ensure the promotion of female employment and entrepreneurship for women.

Waste to positive energy in Mafraq governorate in Jordan
Improving the environmental conditions and livelihoods through compost production

Developing an investment model for this pilot project to introduce the produced fertilizer to the market will lead to new jobs, reduce greenhouse gases and improve soil quality.

Enhancing the Trust of the Citizens in Local Governance through Digital Transformation in Tunisia
Sfax municipality joins the national information system for monitoring and evaluation of public projects

The modernisation of administrative processes and municipal services through digitisation makes an important contribution to achieving "open administration" and to the transparent management and faster implementation of municipal projects.

The people behind community responses to COVID-19
Good practices in a series of 2 documentaries, 5 podcasts, and 10 interviews

Until mid-March, we'll introduce you to the people behind some of the projects that helped address the COVID-19 crisis in 2020 in several communities around the globe. Some of it is already online.

Global Mayors Challenge 2021
Bloomberg Philantrophies awards 50 leading urban innovations

The Global Mayors Challenge 2021 is open to all cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants. The deadline for applications is 21 March 2021.

Strengthening the capacities of municipal water and wastewater utilities
A new EU funding programme will support international partnerships between water and wastewater companies over the next three years.

The Global Water Operators' Partnerships Alliance calls on European water and sanitation companies to enter into partnerships with water utilities in third countries via the EU-WOP Programme.

New Connective Cities Themes in Germany
Results of the Call of Themes 2021

Connective Cities is pleased to announce that the review of the submitted proposals resulted in the selection of three topics for 2021. Three dialogue events will be held in 2021 in cooperation with the City of Bonn, City of Wiesbaden and City of Kiel. The topics of the dialogue events will be "Strengthening local implementation of the SDGs through reporting and monitoring", "Sustainable urban logic" and "Social entrepreneurship: field of action for local business development? What are the potentials for cities and how can cities promote this sector?

Build Back Better!
Plan collaborative projects; continue exchanges on innovative municipal measures.

Following the experience of offering the Covid-19 Response Dialogue Series in 2020, in which approximately 800 people from 344 different communities participated, Connective Cities is currently designing new formats. In 2021, we will offer many opportunities for participants to plan collaborative projects focused on a sustainable post-pandemic future, as well as continue to share innovative municipal actions.

Save the Date: The first two-day Response Dialogue 2021 will be held in late March on the topic of "Covid-19: The Local Implementation of Vaccination Strategies and related Communication in Municipalities." More to come on our website soon!

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