Dialogue mechanisms and targeted financial relief

Supporting entrepreneurship during the COVID-19 crisis in Kotor, Montenegro


As part of its assistance during the COVID 19 pandemic, the Kotor Municipality has adopted a number of measures to support the private sector and citizens suffering from the consequences of the pandemic.


The tourism and hospitality sector, and the activities related to these sectors (like souvenir and gift shops), as well as the agriculture sector have witnessed a decline in activity during the COVID-19 pandemic in the municipality of Kotor. Many businesses in these spheres closed due to the lockdowns and other restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to overcome the crisis caused by the virus, the municipality of Kotor adopted a set of measures to support businessmen and citizens suffering due to the consequences caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The measures initiated by the municipality of Kotor aimed to develop promotional measures through consultations and discussions with entrepreneurs.


The support measures initiated by the municipality included the following:

  • Legal entities, entrepreneurs, and natural persons who use business premises under municipal ownership were relieved of their obligation to pay rent;
  • Legal entities, entrepreneurs, and natural persons were exempted from paying local utility fees for the use of public areas;
  • A 50% reduction in 2021 in the payment of obligations for all legal entities, entrepreneurs, and individuals on the basis of fees for the use of municipal and uncategorized roads in the municipality of Kotor;
  • The Secretariat for Culture, Sports, and Social Activities of the Municipality of Kotor, in cooperation with the Public Institution Cultural Center, organized a series of forums entitled "Kotor 2020 - Consequences and Recovery after Covid–19." including discussions, round tables, and meetings with representatives of local businesses in order to find ways for businesses to survive the crisis. All the support measures developed by the municipality to help the entrepreneurs (mentioned above) were discussed and planned during this forum.


The decisions made, and measures taken by the local government of the municipality of Kotor to support the private sector during the COVID-19 pandemic were successful. Measures have supported businesses to survive, to continue functioning and to prevent job losses.

Moreover, the municipality analyzed the role and importance of working together with different stakeholders (including different local government agencies, national government representtaives, donors, entrepreneurs) during crisis situations to find the best solutions. The municipality maintains strong ties with private sector companies and is ready to support them in crisis situations. The municipality has decided to regularly coordinate with different stakeholders (mentioned above), to have consultations with them and based on these consultations to plan and develop needed measures in the future also.


The measures taken by the municipality of Kotor could serve as an example to other cities, especially those who are intended to support their entrepreneurs during COVID-19 crisis.

Cities are recommended to establish coordination and dialogue mechanisms with different stakeholders, including local and national government agencies, international organizations and private sector to cooperatively plan and discuss the possible solutions and adjust support measures to the needs of private sector during crisis situations.

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Published: 09/08/2022


Ms. Jelena Stjepčević

Head of Office for International Relations at Kotor City Hall,



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