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Area Revitalisation in São Paulo


In urban centres, space is usually rare. Using it as green space or public recreational space has to compete with…


Integrated Solid Waste Management in Germany


Solid waste management is one of the most important and visible services that municipalities provide for their citizens.…


Recycling Initiative of Karak Municipality, Jordan


The rapid increase of waste leads to serious environmental challenges, as solid waste is a major pollutant if not…


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Good Urban Governance

Good Practices on democracy and public participation, urban administration, municipal and regional networks, public budget and municipal finance

Integrated Urban Development

Good Practices on Strategic urban planning, Inclusive cities, cities and climate change, sustainable urban lifestyles, safety in cities

Local Economic Development

Good Practices on fostering innovation, start-up promotion, location development, green urban economy, corporate social responsibility / CSR

Municipal Services Provision

Good Practices on waste management and recycling, energy production and supply, water supply and wastewater disposal, urban mobility and public transport

Cross-cutting topics


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