Connective Cities Deep Dive ‘Heat in the City’

Review of the first in-person workshop, Bonn and Lüdenscheid, 30-31 October & 2 November 2023

Photo: Martin Magunia

Following the virtual kickoff of the Deep Dive “Heat in the City”, the representatives of the participating municipalities from Morocco, Germany, Kenya, Egypt and Ukraine have met in Bonn on the 30-31 October 2023. The workshop aimed at allowing the participants to engage in hands-on activities following the Design thinking approach for understanding and observing the heat phenomenon and its impacts on their cities. As part of the program, an input on heat action planning in German cities was presented by Alice Balbo (policy advisor at the Department for Environment and Economy, Fire and Disaster Protection of the German Association of Cities). The two days workshop were followed by a visit to the city of Lüdenscheid, where the participants were welcomed by the Mayor Sebastian Wagemeyer. The participants have learned about instruments for climate adaptation and its application in Lüdenscheid.

The workshop has opened up the opportunity for knowledge sharing and exchange of experience on the topic of heat planning as well as on stakeholder engagement and public participation. The participants will utilise the instruments to conduct participatory workshop with local stakeholders aimed at scoping the thematic focus of the envisioned intervention to be designed during the deep dive as well as for gap analysis and needs assessment. In parallel, several virtual sessions will be conducted to delve into specific technical questions identified by the participants and to present progress with the local stakeholders.

It is worth noting that the Deep Dive is a new offered format from Connective Cities, in which six municipalities exchange ideas on the topic in innovative formats over a period of two years and, with the involvement of experts, jointly develop solutions to mitigate climate-change-related heat effects in cities.


Heat Phenomena in Lüdenscheid

City of Heidelberg

Decision Support Map - Heidelberg

Nairobi City

Nairobi City Council - additional information

Lviv City Council

Aswan city council


All photos: Martin Magunia

Shalan Muna, Connective Cities

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