Municipal Response to COVID-19 in the Health Sector

Review of Connective Cities Virtual Global Exchange on 3 February 2021

Web seminar held February 3rd  from 11:45 to 14:30 (CET) was part of a series from the ongoing project “Research of good practices and moderation of virtual events on the subject of health, business and governance at municipal level in times of COVID-19.” It brought together approximately 40 municipal representatives and 10 experts from all around the world in an attempt to identify good practices in health responses employed amid the pandemic. Representatives from Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Moldova, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and North Macedonia have gathered to discuss local insufficiencies and shortcomings of health sector during the pandemic.

Findings of research on challenges and solutions implemented in network cities in the health sector were presented, as well as specific cases of municipal responses to COVID-19 in healthcare from Chisinau (Moldova) and Bogota (Colombia) were brought to attention of attendees. During the event participants had a valuable opportunity to discuss specific cases, share their own insights on the topic, and lay out the framework for future cooperation. The event ended with an active panel discussion between municipal representatives and field experts on the topic of COVID-19 vaccination and the challenges of combating the misinformed anti-vaxxer movement. The participants reviewed how cities might plan their vaccination process and elaborate corresponding communication strategies in order to ensure the vaccination of a sufficient proportion of the population.

Video: Municipal response to COVID-19 in the health sector


Elene Samukashvili, Connective Cities

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