Video: Pop-up bike lanes during the Pandemic

Good practices from Bogotá, Columbia, and Berlin, Germany

Reducing the number of accidents, while at the same time increasing safety for everyone? Bogotá showed us, that this is possible and that the key to promote sustainable urban planning and environmentally friendly mobility are pop-up bike lanes. The concept of pop-up bike lanes, which emerged especially due to the COVID pandemic, is spreading not only in Bogotá, but also worldwide, for example in Berlin.

Both cities face the challenge that for a long time the principle of the car-friendly city was pursued in urban and transport planning. With an increase in cyclists during the pandemic and the limitation of public space, it was necessary to rethink and meet the needs of residents, for example to increase road safety for cyclists. This Good Practice outlines the undertaken measures in transport planning, the opinions of residents to the new concept and how in the end all road users can benefit from pop-up bike lanes in the long term, whether in Bogotá or Berlin.

The Protagonists are:

  • Sebastián Posada García (Bicycle and Pedestrian Sub-Dictorate, Bogotá)
  • Dr. Lea Wisken (Head of Cycling and Pedestrian Coordination Office, Berlin)

Watch video at YouTube (with mit English or Spanish sub-title):


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