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Linear Parks in Campinas, Brazil

Interview with Gabriel Dias Mangolini Neves

nterview with Gabriel Dias Mangolini Neves The city of Campinas, like many Brazilian cities, experienced rapid urban growth on the outskirts of the city due to rural exodus since the 1970s, which was largely unplanned in terms of urban planning and ecology. Campinas chose linear parks as a nature-based solution to solve several problems at once: More resilience against heavy rain and heat, more community life through public spaces with sports and leisure facilities. 49 parks are planned, two are already being implemented. Learn more about nature-based solutions in the interview with Gabriel Dias Mangolini Neves, Head and Environmental Engineer at the Secretariat of Green, Environment and Sustainable Development of the Municipality of Campinas.

Subtitles in German, English and Portuguese are available.

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