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Transformative Riverine Management Programme

Good Practice from eThewkwini (Durban, South Africa)

The Transformative Riverine Management Programme from the municipality of eThewkwini (Durban, South Africa) is an innovative project to integrate adaptive water and climate management and establishes a partnership between the municipality, research institutions, community organisations and citizens. The programme aims to transform the management of over 7,400 km of watercourses and river corridors. The aim is to improve water quality through ecosystem-based adaptations and reduce flood risk through community-level projects, such as paying for collected waste that can lead to drain blockages.

Interview with:

  • Mr Geoff Tooley, Coastal Stormwater and Catchment Management Division, Department of Engineering, eThekwini Municipality.
  • Mr. Emmanuel K. Letebele, Senior Planner, eThekwini Municipality

Watch video at YouTube:

Mr Emmanuel Letebele was part of the Working Group on Risk-Informed Urban Development (RIUD) in Sub-Saharan Africa. This working group is a joint initiative of GIZ's Connective Cities programmes and the Global Initiative on Disaster Risk Management programme. More information on the RIUD working group.


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