Conference Participation - Sustainable Urban Mobility

Learning Session - Sustainable Urban Mobility

Connective Cities Learning Session at the UCLG World Congress on the 13.10.2016 in Bogotá

In the context of the 5th World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders (UCLG), which was held in in Bogotá from 12-15 10, Connective Cities organised the Learning Workshop on the topic of Sustainable Mobility together with UCLG. Eight international examples of sustainable urban mobility in various world regions were demonstrated using poster presentations and discussed at four thematic tables with a total of approx. 60 participants. Experience contributed ranged from governance issues in the organising of mobility (examples from Barcelona/Spain, Buenos Aires/Argentina) through aspects of improving intermodality (Seoul/South Korea; Belo Horizonte/Brazil) and the promotion of inclusion in urban transport (Bogota/Colombia, Guatemala City/Guatemala) to the challenges of inner-urban coordination and regional cooperation in transport networks (Bonn/Germany, Bogota/Colombia). These practical examples met with considerable interest among the participants. The opportunity to directly communicate with the municipal representatives was highly appreciated. Lively discussions at the four tables bore testimony to the special interests of the international participants in the group. The large number of participants discussing “Inclusion and Mobility” reflected the particularly strong response that this topic generated. Issues presented included safety and security strategies for women in urban public transport.

In the subsequent analysis of the success factors for the practical examples presented, it was above all inter-institutional cooperation at various policy and administrative levels (e.g. involving the private sector in the governance approach), the visualisation of problems (inclusion and mobility) and learning from experiences in other cities (inter-modality) that enjoyed particular attention among the participants. The recommendation developed for benefiting from experiences in one’s own context was that both a strong financial footing and political support are of importance. A good analysis of the context, if possible with mapping and subsequent processing of the information as a further decision-making base, was recommended for the improvement of safety and security and inclusion in urban transport. Other advice exchanged related to transparency and communicating information to users, applying integrated approaches and working on the basis of a vision. In a final round, the German Mayor of Bergkamen, Mr Roland Schäfer, who is also Chairman of the German Association of Towns and Municipalities and attended the meeting, emphasised the importance of this type of communication between cities.

The method tested by at this 1 ½-hour event, a poster gallery and discussions in practitioners’ corners, enabled an insight into the participatory dialogue events organised worldwide by Connective Cities to promote communication among municipal practitioners. Communication between cities is to be supported by UCLG and Connective Cities in further Learning Sessions and at several-day dialogue events in future, too. The Learning Agenda kicked off the implementation of the cooperation agreement between the two organisations. In the context of the Learning Agenda, UCLG is cooperating with various partners. Cooperation between Connective Cities and UCLG offers both organisations and their objectives synergy effects regarding the recruitment of participants, dissemination of experiences, methodical learning, etc. The aim is to promote the sharing of experiences and peer-to-peer consulting among cities in order to be able to thus commonly arrive faster at better solution options for current urban challenges and implement them more quickly.

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