Support for the food processing sector in Qalqilya, Palestine

Virtual expert mission of the Food Cluster of Business Upper Austria in October 2021

On the 6th of October, experts from the Food Cluster of  Business Upper Austria conducted a virtual expert mission with Qalqilya municipality from Palestine, represented by Heidrun Hochreiter and Khaled Nazzal respectively.

As part of the learning process on local economic development and job creation in the MENA region, the representatives of Qalqilya municipality in Palestine have developed a project that aims at supporting home-based businesses in the food processing sector. To delve into innovative ideas that can strengthen their proposal, the municipal team from Qalqilya municipality participated in an expert mission led by Heidrun Hochreiter from the Food Cluster of Business Upper Austria.

The expert mission included a presentation from the representative of the municipality of Qalqilya (Khaled Nazzal), who provided an overview of the local strategy for economic development and the municipality‚Äôs potential role in supporting home-based businesses. The municipal strategy for local economic development encompasses three pillars: mitigation, international and local investments, and provision of infrastructure services.

This presentation was followed by an input by Heidrun Hochreiter, who provided an overview of the mandate of the  Food Cluster of Business Upper Austria. The presentation included recommendations and ideas to address the challenges identified by the team in Qalqilya hindering the implementation of the proposed project. With more than 200 active members, the Food Cluster facilitates the dissemination of information, provides financing advisory, and supports start-ups through its incubator.    

The second half of the session incorporated an open discussion between the participants with focus on peer advisory on several issues related to the challenges that Qalqilya municipality is facing while promoting this proposed project. 

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Photo (Header): Arab group for the protection of nature