Fundraising campaign for medical institutions in Straseni, Moldova

Involving the diaspora in crisis management in a coordinated way


Municipality of Straseni supporting the medical institutions with various types of donations to foster uninterrupted work of the medics.


In the municipality of Straseni, due to the epidemiological situation, the hospitalizations of patients increased, creating a heavy burden for health institutions. During 2020 a total of 295 people were hospitalized out of a total of 1197 infected, while in the first quarter of 2021, 196 people were hospitalized out of a total of 740 infected people. In addition, together with the increased number of COVID-19 patients, the number of patients suffering from pulmonary complications and requiring oxygen also increased.

Accordingly, at the request of the administrators of the relevant health institutions, the City Hall of Straseni decided to support medical institutions during COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure active involvement of different stakeholders (including local government representatives, diaspora) in this process. The municipality has worked and continuing working in this direction.



The main goal of the Straseni municipality was to protect the health of patients admitted to hospital in the municipality. To achieve the goal the municipality of Straseni intended to support medical institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic and to reduce the number of patients suffering from major pulmonary complications.


To achieve the above-mentioned objectives and to tackle COVID-19 related challenges in the health sector the municipality launched a fundraising campaign for medical institutions with a slogan “Involve in the battle with the Covid-19 pandemic”. The municipality created campaign team, define its goals what they wanted to achieve and define the timeframe. They developed the content for fundraising campaign to engage target audience.

About 25% of Moldova’s population lives abroad, therefore the municipality decided to engage migrants in the process of supporting medical institutions. The members of diaspora actively took participation in the campaign and provided necessary funds. Together with supporting medical institutions, this campaign also ensured the synergy between the diaspora and the communities back home.

Moreover, municipal councilors transferred resources amounting to 8670 MDL to an open account to support the health institutions in Straseni, for citizens needing oxygen treatment and also 316 employers from the municipality of Straseni (kindergartens, school of arts, library, etc.) donated their salaries to health institutions.


Due to the fundraising campaign, access to medical care for patients to have suffered from pulmonary complications after COVID-19 increased, and the number of patients suffering from pulmonary complications has reduced. The municipality of Straseni is going to maintain this program during pandemic to further support medical institutions and patients suffering from major pulmonary complications after COVID-19.


The project could serve as an example to other cities, especially those who are searching for support during pandemic and have strong ties with diaspora. Diasporas can make significant contributions to and have great potential for supporting humanitarian action in their countries of origin.

It is recommended that cities dealing with diaspora engagement in crisis situations establish coordination and dialogue mechanisms with the diaspora to align offers of assistance and needed support between diasporas and cities of origin.

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Published: 19/07/2022


Casian Valentina
Straseni City Hall


Categories: COVID-19 Crisis Management Public Health & Public Services
Regions: Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe Moldova Straseni


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