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Sondierungsreise in den Libanon


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Smart Slums, Smarter Cities


"We have the ability to limit the impact of climate change by re-imagining the interaction between the city and its people."


Steering the Metropolis

2017 - Metropolitan Governance for Sustainable Urban Development

David Gómez-Álvarez | Robin Rajack, Eduardo López-Moreno, Gabriel Lanfranchi.

Raum und Mobilität

2017 - Ein neuer Ansatz zur Erfassung verkehrlicher Klimaschutzpotenziale im Personenverkehr - das Beispiel Wolfsburg

Ulrich Jansen, Steven Maerz, Jan Garde, Armin Jung

Implementing the new Urban Agenda by strengthening Urban-Rural Linkages

2017 - Leave No One And No Space Behind

Remy Sietchiping (Supervision) | Contributors: Juan Luis Arango, Lukas Frucht, Grace Githiri, Jackson Kago, Marco Kamiya, Stephanie Loose, Younghoon Moon, Jane Reid, Andrew Rudd, Oumar Sylla, Runze Wang, Xing-Quan Zhang

Connective Cities Study Tour and Project Workshop

2017 - Cooperation with Jordanian municipalities in waste management

Sophie Credo | Alice Balbo, Alexander Wagner, Silvia Boehmsdorff (editorial review)


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Local Project Workshop on cycling

13/12/2017 to 15/12/2017

Connective Cities Event in Skopje, Macedonia

City and Technology: Urban ARC 2018

11/01/2018 to 13/01/2018

IIHS Annual Research Conference


Jordanian Delegation, 03.2017

Study Tour and Workshop in Germany for Jordanian municipalities

Connective Cities event in Cologne, Germany




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