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This is how Singapore is inspiring cities to solve their traffic problems


London and Singapore are experimenting to tackle road congestions via special charging zones and times as well as "smart solutions" - World Economic Forum

City with a female face


How modern Vienna was shaped by women - by Elle Hunt published in the Guardian


Legal aspects of the development engagement of municipal enterprises

2019 - Dialog Global, Issue No. 52

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Ingo Schmidt

Rethinking the ecosystem of international city networks

2019 - Challenges and opportunities

Agustí Fernández de Losada and Hannah Abdullah (coord.)

Urban Transitions Alliance Roadmaps

2019 - Sustainability Transition Pathways from Industrial Legacy Cities

Marion Guénard, Olga Horn, Hannah Rothschild, Rebecca Wessinghage

Including Urban Metabolism Principles in Decision-Making

2019 - A Methodology for Planning Waste and Resource Management

Davide Longato, Giulia Lucertini, Michele Dalla Fontana and Francesco Musco


Media Centre


New focal points for Connective Cities - worldwide

04/06/2019 to 31/12/2019

Needs analysis involving international and national city associations

European Urban Resilience Forum


Building urban resilience and developing strategies for local climate change adaptation.


Amman, 04.2018

Developing Strategies for Resilient and Liveable Urban District Development

Practitioners Workshop in Cooperation with the Initiative for Municipal Know-How for Host Communities in the Middle East in Amman, Jordan


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