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15 Pathways to localise the Sustainable Development Goals

2019 - Inspiration from cities implementing local actions contributiing to global goals


Ruud Schuthof, Stefan Kuhn, Robert Morrow, Adrienne Kotler


ICLEI European Secretariat


This publication illustrates how the 15 pathways of the Basque Declaration can be used by towns and cities to localise the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In this publication, the 15 pathways of the Basque Declaration are illustrated with stories taken from the Transformative Action database of the Sustainable Cities Platform. Each of these stories are former applications to the Transformative Action Award 2017-2019 and have been reviewed by a jury of experts, which includes representatives from the European Committee of the Regions, the European Investment Bank, UNESCO Etxea, the City of Aalborg (Denmark) and ICLEI Europe.

The purpose of these stories is to provide local governments and other local stakeholders with inspiration for action, rather than the formulation of yet another action plan. The examples also give insight into how to implement the goals using an integrated approach across sectors and departments. For each story, the most relevant pathway and SDGs are indicated, based on an independent assessment by ICLEI Europe. They show the diversity of approaches across topics, geographical locations and local cultures.


Dokumentation Good Urban Governance Management von Stadt und Verwaltung Smart Cities / Digitalisierung Integrierte Stadtentwicklung Partizipation und Stadtplanung Soziale Stadt Stadt und Klimawandel Kommunale Dienstleistungen Energieversorgung Öffentlicher Nahverkehr und Mobilität Lokale Wirtschaftsentwicklung Innovationsförderung SDGs / Agenda 2030


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