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Action for Cool Cities: Pathways for carbon reduction in buildings and improvement of outdoor thermal comfort

2023 - Documentation of the Connective Cities Learning Process


Luna Almomani, Dr. Muna Shalan


Connective Cities


As the first step of the learning process ‘Action for Cool Cities – Pathways for carbon reduction in buildings and improvement of outdoor thermal comfort’, the virtual kickoff event was held on 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2022. During this event, good practices were showcased on the reduction of carbon emissions in building stock and improving outdoor thermal comfort as well as examples of faltering implementation in these key spheres of action.

As a second module of the learning process, Connective Cities workshop on ideation and prototyping took place in Amman, Jordan on the 7th-9th March 2023. The workshop focused on ideation and prototyping of solutions by the participating municipalities within the following thematic fields:

  1. Designing climate-responsive outdoor public spaces and promoting engagement of citizens
  2. Steering Structure: Interdepartmental Communication framework/platform in municipalities
  3. Optimizing existing building and urban design regulations by introducing key performance indicators and improving in-house capacity to drive change
  4. The role of municipality as a regulator and implementer: budget analysis and strategies for cost recovery of climate action measures

Participation in the second module of the learning process enabled the municipalities to share experiences, develop their capacities, and develop ideas for prototyping in their municipalities. The next stage or third module of the learning process gave a chance to these municipalities to test and optimize the envisioned prototypes in an iterative process that included conducting participatory sessions with stakeholders (including citizens, decision makers, and experts). The process revealed the significance of producing quantitative and qualitative evidence to back up the proposed seven solutions.



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