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Ideas to emulate – Sustainable urban development planning in Germany

2023 - Study tour to Germany by the Department of Urban Planning and Planning Permission of Greater Amman Municipality, Jordan, in August 2022


Susanne Reif


Connective Cities


Since 2019, the team from the Urban Planning Department of Greater Amman Municipality in Jordan has been taking part in an international dialogue process on sustainable urban planning, facilitated by Connective Cities. This has involved sharing ideas with other urban planners from around the world, and obtaining external expertise from the network for the planning of a new neighbourhood. In August 2022, an 11-member delegation travelled to Germany to conclude this process. The delegation collected numerous ideas on how to improve urban planning in Amman. Their itinerary included stops in Münster, Dortmund, Cologne and Frankfurt am Main.

The team from the Urban Planning Department was particularly interested in tips and lessons learned when drafting the German building code. This was because they were in the process of drafting such national regulations themselves. Their code, which is intended to give all parties involved – from landowners to the municipal planning departments – more legal certainty in urban and spatial planning. The Jordanian Parliament is expected to vote on the draft in 2023.

As early as 2021, the team, together with German experts, had analysed the relevant Jordanian and German legislation. They also discussed various recommendations, including how local government can simplify dealings with landowners.

This report documents the study tour in four stops and the insights gained from the perspective of the Jordanian delegation.



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