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Learning Process: Renewable Energy Options on the Municipal Level

2024 - Connective Cities kick-off dialogue event from 10 to 12 October 2023 in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Connective Cities


The Connective Cities Kick-off Dialogue Event, held from 10 to 12 October 2023, brought together municipalities from various countries to discuss and share insights on “Renewable Energy Options on the Municipal Level.” Key participating municipalities were represented from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, and Ukraine.

During the event, innovative strategies in renewable energy were showcased, with participating municipalities engaging in collaborative learning and group deliberations to delve into the nuances impacting their renewable energy endeavors. Utilizing a design thinking approach, the Dialogue Event sought to uncover and address gaps and obstacles within current municipal strategies by scrutinizing the unique circumstances of each participating city.

With a diverse attendance of over 35 individuals representing 19 municipalities across 8 countries in Southeast Europe and Germany, the event featured presentations of successful practices and projects from 9 municipalities, aimed at sparking interactive discussions among attendees. Many participants encountered similar challenges in advancing renewable energy initiatives, highlighting the necessity to bolster knowledge and expertise to progress in this area.

This event is the starting point for a learning process in which project ideas are developed over the course of approximately one year until they are ready for realisation.
This documentation shows the promising initial results.

All presentations and a photo gallery of the dialog event can be found on our Connective Cities Community: Group Topics | Connective Cities Network (




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