Funded partnerships for municipalities from Germany and Latin American countries

The "Municipal Partnerships for Sustainability" project of the Service Agency Communities in One World (SKEW) will start its second phase in 2020!

Participation is open to municipalities from Germany and Latin American countries that are already linked in partnership or wish to establish a new partnership. German municipalities that do not yet have any contacts with a municipality in this region but are interested in a sustainability partnership are also welcome to express their interest.

In a municipal sustainability partnership, two municipalities work together regularly and in a structured manner at the local level to implement Agenda 2030. Through the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience and targeted advice and support by the SKEW, the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are made applicable within the framework of municipal partnerships and a contribution is made to overcoming existing challenges of the individual municipalities in the context of Agenda 2030.

The project 'Municipalities for Sustainable Development' of SKEW will provide the participating municipalities with a range of different tools and instruments that will ensure they get the back-up support and advice they require, and support the mutual sharing of experience and knowledge. Given the restricted financial and human resources municipalities generally have at their disposal for SDG implementation, the project aims to assist them in making optimum use of their resources.

Expressions of interest for participation in the second phase of the project can be submitted to the SKEW until 31 March 2020. Further information on the call and expressions of interest can be found on the following SKEW-website.

If you have any questions, please contact Vera Strasser, Project Manager "Municipal Sustainability Partnerships", vera.strasser(at), who will be happy to answer them.

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