Strengthening resilience and the capacity to rebuild critical municipal infrastructure

Workshop review on strengthening economic resilience of Ukrainian municipalities in times of war, on 5 and 7 September 2023

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As part of the working group on “Strengthening Resilience and Capacity to Rebuild Cities and Critical Municipal Infrastructure in Times of War” Connective Cities organized a two-day workshop to empower Ukrainian municipalities for their economic resilience.

The recent initiative brought together 17 municipal decision-makers from 10 different war-affected municipalities of Ukraine for a virtual two-session program on economic development. The program's intent was to equip participants with practical methodologies to strengthen local and regional economies in the Ukraine.

The program commenced with a comprehensive assessment of the unique challenges in the municipalities in times of crises. Participants benefited from insights and good practices that highlighted economic recovery strategies from other impacted regions.

Further into the sessions, attendees delved into the challenges of strategic planning. The process of crafting a clear vision, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their municipalities, and establishing specific economic objectives formed the crux of this segment.

A notable emphasis was on the importance of collaborative approaches. Participants were introduced to techniques to nurture partnerships, spanning the public sector, private entities, civil society, and international bodies. Recognizing the critical role stakeholders play, the program highlighted the nuances of effective communication and collaboration strategies.

As the sessions progressed, participants explored options for economic diversification. From understanding their current economic sectors to identifying existing and new potentials, attendees were given insights into leveraging local resources.

The program concluded with a focus on building resilience in these challenging times. Discussions on navigating economic uncertainties, the significance of local entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable funding mechanisms ensured participants were well-prepared for the path ahead.

Looking ahead, there's anticipation for a follow-up session where municipalities will have the opportunity to share their progress and insights post-implementation. The exchanges throughout the event underscore the value of dialogue platforms with war-affected municipalities in the Ukraine.

Recordings are available on our Connective Cities Community

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