Municipal Response to COVID-19

The international community of practice Connective Cities organized a series of virtual dialogue formats in collaboration with committed municipal actors on measures, challenges and solutions to address the Corona crisis from August to December 2020. The series of events targeted German and international practitioners from the municipal family working on different aspects of addressing the Corona crisis in cities. The participants were encouraged to exchange ideas through presentations of good practices and were offered the virtual formats needed for this.

Many urban practitioners also already have concrete project ideas and urgently want to work further and more intensively with their peers and relevant experts in a peer-to-peer format worldwide on solutions in different thematic areas.

This year Connective Cities again focuses intensively on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on municipalities. Instead of being limited to linear exchange formats, the second part of the Corona programme derives proven tools from the Connective Cities core programme and facilitates new approaches to promote a deeper municipal exchange of experiences. In compact learning processes, municipal actors jointly address current COVID-19-related topics - the goal here is the (further) development of project ideas and solutions for municipal challenges as well as the elaboration and dissemination of existing solution approaches. Building on the previous dynamics, challenges in connection with COVID-19 can thus be dealt with in greater depth and a practical manner. 


Local economy & industry

Local economic development - promotion, innovation & post-COVID strategies | Support and recovery of the tourism sector | Strengthening the private sector and creating employment opportunities | Local economic development agencies


Crisis management

Municipal crisis team | Crisis management for educational institutions and day care centres | Crisis management in municipal enterprises


Digitalisation & Communication

Digitalisation of public services | Digital skills & digital divide | Inclusive communication | Social media strategies and dealing with fake news


Public health & public services

Migration and COVID-19 | Municipal immunisation strategies | Water supply and sanitation | Hygiene concepts | Waste management


Climate neutral urban development

Energy transition | Circular economy | Sustainable mobility | Green urban development (urban biodiversity & ecosystem protection)


Gender sensitivity in the pandemic

Socio-economic well-being of women in the pandemic | Gender-equitable urban planning and development | Urban approaches against domestic violence




Digital CityLabs | TechStartUp Ecosystems | Innovation Clusters of Local Economic Development


All content across themes

All content on COVID-19 across themes, grouped by format: news, events, videos and podcast, good practices, reviews of events, publications.



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Building mental health resilience during times of COVID-19

Building mental health resilience during times of COVID-19


Invitation to our COVID Public Health Cluster kick-off on 29 September 2021


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Daring Cities 2021

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