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Win-win: municipalities and the academic community benefit from more collaboration

2023 - Findings from a virtual Connective Cities ad hoc event


Susanne Reiff


Connective Cities


The report documents the most important results of a virtual networking event with participants from Germany, Jordan, Kenya, Somalia, Indonesia, Tanzania, France, Congo (DRC) and Ukraine on 28 March 2023, with the aim of identifying the potential for cooperation between municipalities and scientific institutions and developing recommendations for action. The event was hosted by the City of Heidelberg in cooperation with Connective Cities.

Closer cooperation between municipalities and academic institutions offers both sides plenty of potential that has often not yet been fully exploited. Scholars can help municipalities find ways to adapt to new challenges – such as the impacts of climate change. It also creates many high-quality jobs. At the same time, academic institutions depend on the cities in which they are located to provide good research and working conditions, and an attractive environment for their employees to live in.



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Connective Cities

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