Building Resilience: Insights from the Project Planning Workshop

Municipal Exchange between Ukraine and Germany

Photo: Dominik Mühlbauer

The Connective Cities Project Planning Workshop, themed "Resilience in Times of War – Municipal Exchange between Ukraine and Germany," unfolded in Munich, Germany, from November 28th to 29th, 2023. This gathering brought together municipal representatives and technical experts with a collective goal – to strengthen a more resilient and sustainable future for Ukraine. The workshop, occurring just a month after the 6th German-Ukrainian Partnership Conference in Leipzig, aimed to emphasize the pivotal role of cities and municipalities in shaping the nation's post-war trajectory.


Diverse Participation and Collaborative Learning

Representatives from diverse Ukrainian municipalities, such as Sambir, Sumy, Brovary, Lutsk, Vinnitsa, Trostyanets, Berenzhany, Zbarazh, Mykolaiv, Melitopol, and Novovolynsk, comprised the active participation of over 35 delegates in the Connective Cities event. Kosovo had representation from Prishtina and Gllogoc, and Germany was represented by Munich and Eichenau. The event also featured participation from municipal utilities Gersthofen & Cologne (RheinEnergie) and delegates from the private sector. The diverse mix aimed at fostering collaborative learning, as cities shared their successes and challenges, recognizing the importance of joint experiences in the journey towards resilience.

Thematic Focus Areas

The workshop delved into three crucial thematic areas:

  1. Regional and Local Economic Development
  2. Renewable Energy Options on the Municipal Level
  3. Integrated Urban Development

Skilled technical experts facilitated discussions on topics ranging from green urban development to energy grid optimization and cluster development, providing valuable insights for participants to implement in their respective municipalities.

Participant Testimonies

The success of the workshop is evident in the positive feedback from participants:

"I greatly enjoyed learning how German communities address and craft their energy programs. I look forward to adopting similar objectives into our own municipal strategies. It was inspiring to see how various Ukrainian communities creatively approach the obstacles we face." - Olena Kozliuk, Strategic Planning and Regional Development Advisor at the Regional Development Agency of Vinnitsa Oblast

"I was impressed to hear from representatives from Munich, as well as from Lutsk and Mykolaiv. I am immensely grateful to GIZ's support of our municipality as we develop our strategy for 2030, especially as we plan for the liberation of our municipality." - Yuriy Bova, Mayor of Trostyanets

"It's central to ensure that there is room for community discussion before considering the budgetary plans/actions. If we facilitate the creation of working groups consisting of members of the public to brainstorm collectively, this may be of use." - Boris Karpus, Mayor of Novovolynsk


The Connective Cities Project Planning Workshop served as a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and inspiration. The shared commitment to building resilient cities in the face of challenges was evident in the diverse perspectives and experiences brought to the table. As cities continue to play a crucial role in post-war recovery, events like these become instrumental in shaping a more sustainable and resilient future for nations affected by war and conflict.

Comprehensive documentation with results and detailed content will follow shortly. If you are also interested in the municipal expert exchange with Ukraine, please contact: Paulina.koschmieder(at)


Photos: Dominik Mühlbauer

Caitlin Elston-Weidinger (external), Paulina Koschmieder, Connective Cities

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