Disseminating good practices and approaches – learning from municipal projects

Web-based seminars enable the involvement of new actors and, hence, the inclusion of new experiences; they address a wider audience. In this new offer of Connective Cities, the focus also lies on the experience of municipal practitioners. The aim here, too, is to disseminate the good practices in sustainable urban development and learn together through exchange, peer-to-peer consultations and further development of municipal projects. In addition to that, however, specific topics and approaches can be brought to webinars by an expert.

In the course of the first online-seminars, exemplary experiences from Rosario, Argentina, in promoting the use of bicycles were requested. While the virtual rooms of the respective working groups are also available at short notice for self-moderated meetings for the registered members at any time, the webinars held at fixed dates and on specific topics are open to a wider audience that can join sessions without registration.

Here you will find an overview of the Connective Cities Seminar series on Solid Waste Management (pdf, 874 kb, English).