Latest Publications

Establishing a Primary Healthcare Center

2024 - The Partnership between Al Mohammara (Lebanon) and Opfenbach (Germany)

GIZ & Engagement Global with its Agency Communities in One World

Municipal energy efficiency projects in MENA

2021 - Detailed documentation of Connective Cities' virtual dialogue event, 18- 21 May 2021

Connective Cities

COVID-19 implications in the Mediterranean

2021 - Promoting data-driven processes in the response and recovery from the pandemic through regional collaboration and peer learning


Urban Migration: Strengthening Cooperation with Civil Society

2019 - Key learnings and recommendations from the UCLG MC2CM learning event in Sfax, Tunisia

UCLG - Mediterranean City to City Migration (MC2CM)

Strengthening Local Economic Development

2018 - Connective Cities Practitioners' Workshop

Connective Cities

German Almanac of Sustainability 2017

2017 - Initiatives and impressions on the social reality of sustainability

German Council for Sustainable Development

New Urban Agenda in Action – Case Studies from a German Perspective

2017 - Special Edition, October 2016

Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR)