2019 - The Resilient Infrastructure Opportunity

S. Hallegatte, J. Rentschler, J. Rozenberg

Urban Transitions Alliance Roadmaps

2019 - Sustainability Transition Pathways from Industrial Legacy Cities

Marion Guénard, Olga Horn, Hannah Rothschild, Rebecca Wessinghage

Sustainable Urban Transport: Avoid-Shift-Improve (A-S-I)

2019 - INUA #9: Implementing the New Urban Agenda

Daniel Bongardt, Lena Stiller, Anthea Swart, Armin Wagner

Remarkable Women in Transport

2019 - Female Change-Makers Transforming Mobility

Lena Fischer, Verena Flues, Sophia Sünder, Ketaki Tappu, Luise Tegeler, Armin Wagner, Pia Zieren

Reclaiming the Streets of Fortaleza, Brazil

2019 - transport is dying - transport is thriving, sustainable transport issue 30

Jemilah Magnusson (Editor)