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Beyond Climate

2021 - Integrating Benefits in Sustainable Infrastructure

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Matt Nohn, Tommaso Bassetti, Valerie Brown, Malte Lellmann, Laura Jungman

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C40 Cities Finance Facility | Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance


When planning and investing in infrastructure projects, innovative cities bundle together a larger set of overarching objectives in the social, economic, environmental, health and governance realms. Integrating multiple benefits in climate infrastructure projects tends to enhance their political and financial/ fiscal viability, scalability, and replicability. Identifying and planning for benefits during early project development stages increase the project’s success, both in delivering positive environment and human-centred impacts, as well as in mobilising political buy-in and connecting with finance.

This report aims to show that project preparation facilities (PPFs) can and should aid in integrating climate action with other, highly synergetic development and cooperation objectives.


C40 Cities Finance Facility | GIZ

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