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Connective Cities Lab Nov 10th - 30th 2021

2021 - Final Report

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Cris Doering, Daniela Marzavan, Federico Granda, Paulina Koschmieder

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Connective Cities


The Connective Cities Lab - an online programme for urban practitioners and municipal experts – created an international exchange between 85 municipalities from 57 different countries worldwide.

The “Connective Cities Lab” was designed as a complementary digital format to promote the international exchange between urban practitioners, tech enthusiasts and municipal stakeholders, that aimed to inspire the development of solutions for municipal recovery from the pandemic and to prepare participants to transfer their ideas into fundable projects.

Instead of exchange formats for sharing expertise and Good Practices, the CCLab 2021 focussed on in-depth formats - including the strengthening of existing capacities and facilitating a creative collaboration between Connective Cities Community members and global networks of innovators and data scientists.

The Capacity Strengthening Capsules were organized as preparation and knowledge base for further discussions. A total of nine challenges were initially formulated, further elaborated in a 3-day Design Thinking process and summarised in project outlines. An additional workshop provided insights on requirements in municipal funding proposals. Six of the nine digital challenges were tackled by interdisciplinary teams in a global virtual 48-hour hackathon and evaluated by a jury of experts.

The concept and results are documented in this report.


Connective Cities

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