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The 15-Minute City: A Feminist Utopia?

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Melissa Bruntlett, Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI)


To realize the positive intersection of feminism and the 15-minute city, concrete and inclusive land-use and mobility policies are necessary.

In many cases, a lack of clear social policies and guardrails to ensure the accessibility and maintenance of social and rental housing, allow for meaningful mixed-use zoning, and provision of well-integrated and diverse transportation networks, such investments have often resulted in gentrification, often pushing out those who would benefit most from a walkable, cyclable community. This is particularly true for women living alone, single mothers, and those from marginalized communities. Therefore, in order for there to be a positive intersection between feminism and the 15-minute city concept, a truly inclusive and equitable approach, coupled with concrete policies, needs to be adopted.