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Transport for under two degrees – the way forward

2020 - 10 key insights for the decarbonisation of the transport sector


Marena Pützschler, Cornelia Hörtner, Johannes Uhl et al.


Germany's Federal Foreign Office


The transport sector is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions at present. It accounts for approximately one quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions and hence figures prominently in efforts to transform the energy economy and protect the climate. Without a scaled-up global mitigation effort, it will not be possible to reach the climate targets of the Paris Agreement. A low-carbon transformation of the global transport sector is the next necessary step in the global energy transformation.

Germany’s Federal Foreign Office has commissioned the project “T4<2° - Transport for under two degrees”, a global foresight study on the decarbonisation and transformation of the transport sector to identify challenges and opportunities for a sustainable, low-carbon transport sector. The findings provide decision-makers with a clear vision and specific recommendations on how to achieve decarbonisation of the sector and orchestrate international efforts for a global transport system transformation.


Nachhaltige Mobilität Stadt und Klimawandel Öffentlicher Nahverkehr und Mobilität Innovationsförderung






Germany's Federal Foreign Office

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