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Urban mobility

2019 - policy decisions for connecting the city


Collier, P., Glaeser, E., Venables, A., Manwaring, P., and Blake, M.


IGC Cities that Work Policy Brief


In many developing cities, connectivity is undermined by limited infrastructure and weak public transport systems. If people and goods are unable to move easily across a city, firms get locked into small-scale unproductive activities, and people cannot access basic goods and services.

Policymakers face difficult trade-offs in improving systems of mobility, both in addressing growing demands for private transport, and in investing in public transport links in a city. Learning from the experiences of cities across the world facing these challenges offers some key lessons for effective infrastructure investment and smart regulation to meet growing demands for transport.


Integrierte Stadtentwicklung Nachhaltige Mobilität Kommunale Dienstleistungen Öffentlicher Nahverkehr und Mobilität






IGC - International Growth Center

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