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Municipal energy efficiency projects in MENA

2021 - Detailed documentation of Connective Cities' virtual dialogue event, 18- 21 May 2021

Connective Cities

COVID-19 implications in the Mediterranean

2021 - Promoting data-driven processes in the response and recovery from the pandemic through regional collaboration and peer learning


Urban Migration: Strengthening Cooperation with Civil Society

2019 - Key learnings and recommendations from the UCLG MC2CM learning event in Sfax, Tunisia

UCLG - Mediterranean City to City Migration (MC2CM)

Dezentrale Regierungs- und Verwaltungssysteme: bürgernah, demokratisch und leistungsfähig

2014 - Beratungsansatz und Beispielvorhaben in den Bereichen Dezentralisierung, Lokale Selbstverwaltung und Föderalismus