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Future Energy Scenarios for African Cities

2017 - Unlocking Opportunities for Climate Responsive Development

Silvia Escudero | Roger Savage, Vassiliki Kravva, Edward Steeds

From Waste to Resource - Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Solutions

2017 - Connective Cities Urban Practitioners' Workshop

Ingrid Roesner, Eva Prediger, Maximilian Foertner, Eva Sule

Waste-to-Energy Options in Municipal Solid Waste Management

2017 - A Guide for Decision Makers in Developing and Emerging Countries

Dieter Mutz | Dirk Hengevoss, Christoph Hugi, Thomas Gross from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW).

Global Mobility Report 2017

2017 - Tracking Sector Performance

Jose Luis Irigoyen | Nancy Vandycke, Muneeza Alam, Shokraneh Minovi, H. Stephen Halloway, Emiye Deneke, Xavier Muller, and Yohan Seranath

Connective Cities Study Tour and Project Workshop

2017 - Cooperation with Jordanian municipalities in waste management

Sophie Credo | Alice Balbo, Alexander Wagner, Silvia Boehmsdorff (editorial review)

Explainer: How to finance urban infrastructure?


Michael Lindtfield | Renard Teipelke

Connective Cities Local Project Planning Workshop

2017 - Low Carbon Mobility Planning in Chiang Mai

Dr. Manfred Poppe | Nina Mitiaieva

Connective Cities Dialogue Event

2017 - Sustainable Urban Mobility: Strategies and Pathways towards More Efficient, Inclusive and Environmentally Sustainable Cities

Sabine Hammer | Alice Balbo (editorial review)

BRICS Cities

2017 - Facts and analysis 2016